MAX Tray Player


An audio-video player from the same tray system


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This little player is not only a good option for watching your videos and listening to your music quickly and reliably, it also has some novel features.

The program includes complete controls on your toolbar so that it doesn't take up too much space. This means that you can easily work and surf the web while playing any multimedia file.

There are also numerous popup and direct access options so that you can access any of the player's function on its little interface. The program supports playlists, you can simply drag and drop files, and there is a small window with relevant information whose transparency you can adjust.

The program support the most common formats: Windows Audio (wav, snd, au), MPEG Audio (mp3, mp2, mpa), MIDI (mid, midi, rmi), MPEG Video (mpeg ,mpg, m1v, mpe), Windows Media (wm, wma, wmv, asf), Windows Video (avi), Audio CDs (cda), Playlist (pls, m3u).
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